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Monday, after a mixed Sunday

September 23, 2013


Yesterday I went for my usual walk, I say walk but I mean a mixture. I took my bike to the centre of Reading.  Sadly, also not as usual, it was raining, not hard but the cloud was heavy and grey. So photography was not easy; with the bike as an added appendage and the gloom.

So to get the deadly deed over and back for a cup of tea; I shackled the bike to a fence.  Now I wandered more easily.  

My reason for going to to Reading centre, was in response to a conversation overheard in a queue to to get train tickets at the station yesterday morning.  The lady was seriously bemoaning the greyness of Reading. Of course she could moan, she was going to Lake Garda in Italy for her holidays.  We can all moan about our home towns; it is allowed.  

But I felt strangely protective and wanted to prove her wrong, not directly of course dear lady is probably sunning herself as we speak in Lake Whatever.  While I am in fact in grey Reading, in the shadow of Reading Prison and the Abbey ruins and it is very grey!

There are some bright spots and all it not so bad.  

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