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Monday and yet another good weekend …

September 16, 2013

Yesterday’s weather  was a lovely surprise after a few days of heavy rain and coldness.  I expected the worse and even considered wearing wellington boots.  Certainly there was a autumn chill in the air, but a clear blue sky and little or no breeze.

I wanted to look at some particular trees on the campus this morning so I skirted round the lake at Whiteknights towards Foxhill House and the Law School; which is an architectural delight.  It has some photographic features that might prove useful when the scenery fails; but so far so good.  

I kept a good pace but stopped to admire the hedge recently planted.  While it still has some protective cladding already it is a handsome border between the student block, shamefully not so grand as Foxhill,  and the surrounding woodland.

Now heading off to the library and the other schools where I I find the lawns elegantly trimmed with various trees remaining from grounds of the stately home of the Marquis of Blandford.  These have been cared for and added to over the years. My particular favourite is the Indian Bean tree, the Ginkgo Biloba and the Lebanese Cedars; while do like the Oaks and the other native hedges these ‘foreigners’ as so excotic and sophisticated.  

Before I headed home I spied a heron by the fish pond near the School of Estate Management.  I was unprepared for such a sight; while I fumble for my camera and he flew off.  Poor chap he didn’t stand a chance with the clumsy sight seer and the carp; they were huge!

Now feeling a chill I hurried home wondering ‘How long will this last?’

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