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Weekly photo Challenge … Focus

August 27, 2013

This week my posts have a Buddhist/Spanish theme that I pleased about because that is where I am at the moment.  I am among many meditators from all corners of Europe. Even though we are all Buddhists, and some from the same lineage and often the same teacher.  When it comes to meditation and its focus for each of us the experience is as varied as grains of sand on the beach. None is right or wrong; just different.  Some for instance will gaze upon a candle, others a spot on the wall, a mantra and some can focus on their third eye; an imagined eye between the eyebrows.  With eyes softly closed, looking downwards,the meditator will attempt to maintain a clear mind.  To find some clarity, space or truth on which to conduct his or her life.  Of course this will not happen after a few sittings, for some it will not happen in a lifetime of acting and taking on the pose of Shakyamuni himself.  

Meanwhile me while I am imbued with the theory and methods here at Karma Guen and often sitting in meditation pose I am still fighting with shopping lists, domestic unrest and work issues and my focus wobbles; so enlightenment for me this week is not likely.


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