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Weekly photo challenge … Carefree

August 20, 2013

Photo on 2013-08-17 at 06.59

Mmmm … another difficult prompt; in the light of the recent ‘foreshadow’ I wonder what image can really project ‘carefreeness’.  I, for instance can spy a ‘carefree’ moment and as sure as eggs are eggs, I am without a camera.  Or, with a camera I grab the moment and walk into a lamp post.

So, I am using an image sent to me on Friday by my daughter; not a work of art, but conveniently and in a perfect carefree pose … and with no harm to me.

My daughter lives as you know in a Favela in Rio de Janeiro.  Her home is not likely to feature in ‘Your house has style’ but it is a wonderful and happy home.  

However, like any young person, nearby or abroad setting up a home, she has had her teething problems.  Some more easily remedied than others.  Poor girl, emails me with her latest tale of woe; I am not sure if she requires help or just an opportunity to unload.

As I said, her plight is not unusual,  I too have set up home and even in the most comfortable surroundings things go wrong in quick succession.  So my most well used retort is ‘I know’ a quote from Sybil, the long suffering wife of Basil in Fawlty Towers.

However, her most recent problem, that even she is familiar with since living in some dodgy student accommodation, is an unwelcome visitor, with unpleasant habits.   My daughter and her partner have gone to great lengths to ensure it doesn’t return.  

Meanwhile they have had another visitor; rather larger and better cared for than the last.  The jury is out as regards its habits, so far they have been purely social; dropping by for a snack, a doze and a wash. Making him more welcome than the other visitor is discriminatory; and a bad move  in my opinion. Nonetheless, later he wanders off to find another gullible fool … without a care!


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  1. Adilson Gomes permalink
    August 20, 2013 2:19 pm

    Oh Dear…..I am so happy about your post!!!! Only who know the realitty of a Brazillian Favela can do a A-M-A-Z-I-N-G post like your!!!!! Thank you!! We MISS you!!!

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