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Saturday grumble or not?

August 17, 2013

I ended last week bemoaning my inadequacies in the technical department.  That remains pretty much unchanged.  However, my Laptop problems have been solved;  thanks to the god of computers and his  loyal pupil.  On my behalf I have downloaded iTunes and now ‘Home Sharing’ thanks to the the instructions of the above mentioned …

So the week proceeded quite nicely after that; with no reason to grumble.  Until Thursday when I posted a piece about Milk; an innocuous post in relation to ‘M’ in the alphabet.  No reason to moan except that I don’t like milk and the teacher forced me to drink it.  

But it did set me wondering what happened to free school milk? ( I do know actually).  But would it perhaps be a useful thing for a school in a deprived area to ‘opt’ for; where some some children are not being so well cared for at home.  I KNOW this is just sticking plaster and the care of children will not be rectified by a cup of milk! But as a child of post war rationing and potentially malnourished even that little drop of milk helped when the last meal I had was perhaps a day away and the next not for a few hours.

Then the lost doorstep pinta; while the Supermarkets can have cheap milk, sugar and tea as a ‘lost leader’ in the far corner of the store … local dairies and shops are going out of business.  

Oh dear what do I know about things?

Back to ‘blog land’ where all is rosy!

I enjoyed my post on Friday about Penguin Kings.  They are lovely and we have the complete display at the library.  They have been collected over the years, bought in second hand bookshops and some donated. They hardback and the size of Ladybird books, but with an illustrated jacket, stylish binding and sophisticated subject matter.  

For instance Tulipomania took my fancy; I didn’t think there was so much to say about tulips; in my opinion inclined to be blousy.  There are different types, colour, shapes and size. I was taken with a little geometric design from some Turkish fabric of the 17th century; thinking I might replicate the design in a stamp.  

I haven’t quite master the geometrics and appear to have adopted the rather ‘blousey’ look …

Ah well back to drawing board.  

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