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Monday … and some richness

August 12, 2013

After a poor start to the weekend on Friday and my subsequent non-post on Saturday; things seemed to improve.  So much so, I feel a little ashamed and ungrateful that I should grumble so much about something so insignificant.

Saturday was much as usual; leisurely breakfast, some good music and some bonuses.  I have already mentioned a lovely gift, also some good conversations on Skype and then a creative afternoon.  In the evening there was some good TV have been enjoying Top of the lake.  Even the teenage party next door gracefully faded into silence at around 10.30; that is such good manners!  

Now I wonder why do I gloss over the lovely interludes; yet can wax lyrical or not so lyrical about the dreary things in my life.  

Yesterday I woke as normal but the sun was not so obliging.   However despite the greyness and the soft rain stepping out just after 5.30 am it was surprising warm and pleasant. It certainly wasn’t autumnal as I feared.

The sun did come from behind the clouds and the day went on from strength to strength in more ways than one.

I hope these images will go some way to address this outrageous imbalance and reflect the warmth and richness of my life and then return it to those who make my life whole.

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  1. Rose-Ann permalink
    August 12, 2013 5:31 pm

    Very fruitful!

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