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Saturday … is here

July 27, 2013

It has been a funny week; it might have been good or very bad.  My mother has been very ill, a colleague at work with whom I had worked closely left for a new job and I learned that a close relation had a brain tumour.  Also , I had a day off work; even a day off is an oddity and could go one of two ways. This was a going to be a nice occasion, but was fraught with decision making while mother was so ill; nonetheless the trip did turn out well and very fruitful. I will tell you about it later.

These events could have taken me in a myriad of ways … and they did!

However, dotted in the week were some occasions that might not have been noticed on the big screen and I have discussed at least one … the pink pigs were a joy.

Also I did find time to be creative;  not works of art but  they will mark times when the curtains on the big screen can be closed.

Tea … I begin


not recommended I hear

as first in the day.

White is prefered

and I agree.

But I learn that Matte

has cheering properties.

And I agree

So reluctant to give up too soon.

The paper boy

Each morning a boy

cycles up our street.

Laden with broadsheets

and such.

Fifteen minutes later,

he freewheels back down.

He wears a Brazilian football strip.

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