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July 8, 2013

To mark the summer solstice this year I decided to take a weekly walk each Sunday morning when the sun comes up. I thought, ‘just for a few weeks until the days begin to shorten’.  At the winter solstice, ‘I suppose?’ This limit for me is important; because I can become a little obsessive and incline to drill myself to a 3 year route march which changes an agreeable jaunt into a dreaded monster.

Also,  I am not a watcher of the pagan calendar but am interested in English seasonal traditions before Christianity.  However that is where the interest stops for the moment; but it seemed like a good idea.  I thought an hour or so would be fine and so far that seems right; for a pleasant circuit around the university campus or along the Thames or Kennet and Avon Canal.  

This is not to be considered a  keep fit exercise; no power walking, jogging, counting paces or watching the clock (too much) Just watching! And no added lumber except a camera.  

Taking myself for a walk; has not happened for many years in fact I am sure it hasn’t happened for about 50 years.  Although I did do the weekly shop for my mother  alone, the rest of my walking was with someone else. I did and still enjoy walking with someone especially on a long walk.  The walking experience for me over the decades has changed and come almost full circle.   I am now in a position to jump out  (alright roll) of bed, chuck on an item of clothing that belies any notion of fully clothed-ness and covers the crumpled slept-in look and a pair of shoes and wander … taking in the smells, sights and sounds alone!

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  1. Laura Bloomsbury permalink
    July 8, 2013 1:59 pm

    a brilliant idea and you do not even have a dog to prompt you – thought of doing the same thing recently but only because I lack sufficient exercise regularity. What wonderful sights you saw

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