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Last Week I …

July 1, 2013

Last week I had a visitor; for the most part they are welcome even of the human kind. What it is the point of creating a masterpiece and keeping it hidden from view?  Sadly, my tiny walled garden is not big enough to swing a cat; although you can rest assured I haven’t tried. But I might if another one comes over and tries to use my seed patch as a WC.  

So my garden except from my virtual visitors remains private.  

However I do go to great lengths to ensure the lesser creatures come and go.  Although I notice some just come and stay hidden, to multiplying  like crazy and munch at my tender plants.  While I wait patiently or not for a hedgehog to come and stay; I do take less hospitable measures to cut their visit short! 

I have over the years noticed more visitors of the buzzing and flitting kind.  Also, some birds  come in and out of  the nearby sycamore trees.  Several trees are growing in the gardens that are no longer tended so carefully now this area has become increasingly rented and student land.  

These neglected gardens have not been subjected to insect and pest repellents so they flourish with native if somewhat invasive plants.  So, to my joy my feathered friends pop in and out and enjoy my bird bath, table and ornament my carefully ‘brought-in’ and sculpted native plants.  

I cannot pretend my garden is a botanical delight, I am neither botanist or real gardener; so flying, buzzing and pecking things are always welcome but we are not on first name terms.  However if you bite me, sting me or eat my plants and slim about, then I might not welcome you so heartily.   

Last week I had a visitor who did none of those things but can be very harmful to the environment. It doesn’t biodegrade, is produced by unsustainable material and apparently is liable to clog up the atmosphere.      

Nonetheless I was thrilled it dropped by because it was a perfect match for my early summer palette …

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