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Last Week I learned nothing much …

June 17, 2013

Last week I didn’t feel much like like learning; so didn’t notice anything new. This action or non-action doesn’t have a  positive effect on me when considering my weekly post ‘Last week i learned that …’

So rather than look like an unearned soul; i will reflect on something I saw last week and how it materialised into something less learned more ‘Room for improvement … ‘

For a few weeks in the museum we have been showing an exhibition by Jenny Halstead called An artist’s year in the Harris Garden.  One particular image took my eye and I wondered later in the week if I could do something similar.  

2013-06-16 11.24.19

Lately I have been making prints from erasers in the style of Peter Hay.  Until now I have been reproducing them using a simple ink stamp pad, the type one would buy in Hobby Craft and this has been quite successful.  

However, the time has come for me to use proper ink  for a more professional look.  I have searched on the internet and even looked  in art shops for the right materials but found it difficult as the two methods are poles apart; so for someone with my limited experience I felt I was falling into a costly minefield.  

So I researched some more and found a specialist supplier of printing equipment and materials.  Which prompted a visit to London in particular the South Bank to Intaglio Printmaker.  
I walked into what looked more like a warehouse than a shop; it was rather like the old fashioned hardware shop and I nearly walked back out again. I loitered by the door feeling much like a child with my dad as he bought nails, or screws where the shopkeeper wrote in a cash book with a strategically placed blue carbon paper.  Whilst I didn’t feel at home it was quite pleasant not to be bombarded with noise, advertising and barrage of not helpful shop assistants.  I waited my turn; and was not disappointed by the saleswoman who not only knew her products but understood my tender needs.  A delight I have not enjoyed for a long time.  

So I came away with a well put together package wrapped in brown paper and the the hand-written receipt!

After a wonderful shopping experience here is the result.

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