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Saturday … and some questions

May 11, 2013


Saturday is here; after a week of ups and downs; heightened by its shortness! Then slightly lowered by a clumsy fall up a step resulting in a bruised knee and a very sore wrist.  

I had enjoyed the previous prolonged weekend with pleasant weather and an opportunity to get the chores done. Anyone working full-time usually spends the weekend catching up  with unfinished tasks from the previous weekend or just stuff from the week; washing, cleaning and ironing etc.  

Then the working week was broken up nicely with a welcome invitation to Canterbury and a friend’s inaugural speech in celebration to his recent promotion to professor; with all the added accoutrements; afternoon tea, champagne supper an overnight stay in a posh hotel.  Also,  the little gift swapping and the usual positive banter that goes a long way to lift one’s spirits from the previous week’s doldrums.

Even the return journey that in the past has been as long as four hours was surprisingly quick at a little under two hours.  Also, without trauma, even though there was more than our fair share of road works.

To lengthen the day we enjoyed a late lunch in the Global Cafe now quiet after the lunchtime rush; a wander round the book and gift shop;  always a joy but today more so with less of a rush and a day off!

Sadly, the afternoon was marred by a stumble up a step and a trip to A&E .

Nonetheless these last few days have been  a delight.

I wonder what caused this phenomenon? After several weeks of depression, despair and heartache; where did this change come from?

Was it the sun?

Is the treatment working?

I say treatment; this is taking many forms; if so which one?

Having a day or two off; is that all it takes?

Is it the divine intervention I carelessly joke about from time to time?

Is it serendipity;  a word we banded so liberally in the seventies ?

Or synchronicity?

How long will it last?

At the moment I don’t care …

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  1. May 12, 2013 11:45 am

    Marcel Proust said, ‘A change in the weather is sufficient to recreate the world and ourselves.’

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