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While on holiday I …

April 15, 2013

On the day before we left Brazil we revisited a favourite place from last year; the Northeastern Fair.  Which is situated in the North Zone of Rio, Sao Cristovao in an arena originally used for exhibitions and special events.  It is now renamed the Cento Luiz Gonzaga de Tradiciones Nordestinas. Named after the man known for the traditional music used to dance the forró that was brought to the southeast by Northeastern migrants who operate one of the most lively and interesting markets in Rio.

Although it functions throughout the week with restaurants, small shops and market stalls; on Friday, Saturday and Sunday it is party time or forró. While the shops, market stalls and restaurants are  full to capacity; selling traditional wines, beers, spirits, clothes, food, crafts and medicine.  It is the dance floor and stage that comes to life

I am not an expert and will not pretend otherwise; but from what I understand the Forró lyrics have changed with time and moved from being purely North-Eastern music to being popular across Brazil. Traditionally, the lyrics were about life in the rural North-East; such as concerns about droughts, migration to look for work and thus about longing or homesickness.

Although I did notice on a small and lower stage there were some traditional singers with a drum, accordion and a triangle and I was reliably informed they were singers from the North-East performing the cordels.  Nearby was a bookshop and a booth selling the books with their evocative; ‘stories, bindings and wood cuts’

Here I bought some samples with  view to study more closely later.


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