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100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#79

February 27, 2013


This is a handcrafted piece of iron; a  perfect unique example of engineering ingenuity. It is the child of the mother of invention; necessity.  When the hunter gatherer decided to settle down and build a home for his growing family, so he needed to protect them and retain his belongs.
He hangs the key around his waist as a talisman of his wealth and new found security.
As it turns in the lock,  the key, serves as a pivotal  symbol of safety and comfort, of hope against fear and construction before destruction. Is it the key to happiness or grief?


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  1. Sarah Ann permalink
    February 28, 2013 3:43 pm

    That last question changes the whole sense of the piece. Now you’ve got me thinking.

    • February 28, 2013 4:37 pm

      Perhaps the answer lies in some of the other entries. They were very creative … 🙂

  2. March 1, 2013 12:35 pm

    Happiness or grief, life is what you make it.

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