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Saturday … Snow and Winter!

January 19, 2013

Today is Saturday when I usually pray, supplicate or eulogise off the cuff.  It is the day I never ‘prepare’ for in more ways than one, but particularly not my daily post.  I have been posting daily for several months and dare I say it; has become a ceremonious routine along with the other daily tasks like emptying the coffee pot, to publish at 5am.  The post has been unceremoniously drafted the night before, the images have been snapped, scanned or dragged from some dubious place also during the day before.  So each morning with a thank you to the angels in cyberspace, I post.  Then I begin the routine again on Sunday evening with ‘Monday; OMG ‘What DID I learn last week?’
So it is with a cup of tea on Saturday morning and the weekend feel  I rely on a poem, picture or a prayer that next week will be OK
After all it is just a blog; it is not my life or anything … is it?
So here I am at 5.54am and there is no post and no idea.
It is the snow! Why does everything grind to a halt when in the UK we have a slight deviation in the weather?
It not for me just the snow,  it is more winter in general  I began this ‘routine’ last year in the spring.  The days were long, and light was kind, I had endless opportunities to find images and potential works of art in nature to illustrate a poem or not for Silent Sunday.  Unfortunately my photographic and technical skills are not compliant, even if there was an image to portray.  It is now 6.30 and the darkness still looms … there is no other choice I will go back to bed and leave you and a picture of Rio and double Rainbow … Taken yesterday by my dear son-in-law! while in Brazil they were having heavy rain … and of course some sun!rainbow!


Forgot to say I am not counting the days yet (really) but I am going to Rio in March!


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