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This year I learned that there are fairies at the bottom of the garden …

December 25, 2012

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When I began I blogging eighteen months ago I had little hope beyond each post.  I had a dream; maybe  a little too crazy, I was green and over confident. I had a supportive friends about me; nonetheless each weekly post was diligently composed, corrected and agonised over. The effort was immense  and the response was fair.

If I had continued in this way my energy, enthusiasm my blog would have died.
But somewhere out of the blue the dream reasserted itself in a different format and the ideas began to flow.  Overnight a daily post would appear and image would find itself at a click!
I am not sure that the increased response has been pro rata; but certainly my energy levels have increased, my relationship with the blog has improved. I am more realistic about my ability and creativity; which I began to doubt this time last year after a rocky start.
I cannot tell you how this transformation came about, it seems as though I have a fairy godmother; whose power is direct and magical. 

 A weekly theme has evolved but the post is often not formed until the day; in moments. I publish daily each morning at around 5 am, except at weekends when the urgency seems to go; gently and remarkably!

I work in a university library, an extraordinary environment, an Aladdin’s cave of images and ideas; but I have a job to do! Only during my lunch break can ‘use the resources.’ Ideas pop into my head like an arrow; dormant embryonic ideas grow and development from previous ideas or post; I am never without a notepad and pencil.

I have found other bloggers a good source of ideas but more for encouragement.  Also and more important I find other bloggers and friends don’t allow me to take any of this too seriously.

This is not to say that I don’t agonise over every word phrase and image I do. Each day I stare at a blank page or a clutch of random notes scribbled on a table napkin and tear out my hair … before a hurried prayer of gratitude and ‘what next please?’
So while I can drag information from glorious places I can put on my ‘enlightened stamp’ and call it mine for a while … please don’t go yet Fairy especially the one who does the cooking, washing up and shopping while I behave like an aging cyber chic.

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