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Saturday thoughts … Not so much holly and ivy more bay.

December 22, 2012

Bay tree twigs in the recyclin

Yesterday the library closed at noon; for the Michaelmas term end.  At this time the staff have a party; after a busy spell it is a good opportunity to wind down and share some food and drink before the real festivities begin. It is a great occasion made more special for me as it has become a tradition that daughter would join me with a few nibbles and we walk back through the campus by the lake.  Where we would change the universe depending on the weather and any recent traumatic occurrence according to Helen and Amy. Then we would pick some twigs of holly and ivy for Christmas decoration and the world seemed right.

Sadly this was not to be the case; Amy has her own traditions now in Rio.  The truth hit me or rather it had begun earlier this week and now the impact was huge.  The world was not such a good place and there was no one to help put it right; even the yuletide greenery didn’t have the same attraction,.
So I got on my bike and pedaled home and began the homely tasks that are more easily achieved while crying like a baby. Then after a cup of tea; black;  one I particularly enjoy but not so lately as the days go immediately into night and there doesn’t seem to be a time for Tippy Nunnan and a biscuit … so it is usually green I take at this time … that day black seemed right.
As I sipped, I looked out and noticed how pleasant the afternoon was.  Working in a library daily from 9 ‘til 5 I rarely notice the afternoon, pleasant or not.  This was a little after 2 and a rare opportunity to enjoy the sun and blue sky! A climatic phenomena, as we had been enduring heavy, continual rain and cloud for days.
So taking the ‘ingredients’ for the compost heap I ventured out into the garden.  As if possessed I did what I needed with the tea leaves and vegetable remains and went to the shed.  Returning with a saw and some secateurs and began pruning a bay tree.  It had needed to be done for ages and it was ready for a harsh cut back.  I began with the secateurs but made little impact. So like a demon and still possessed I cut for almost an hour; until the tree resembled a rather shabby bush which I hope will flourish in time.
I am not sure there is a moral to this story.  I would like to say I felt better and perhaps I do; but I was pleased I did it and took advantage of the couple of hours sunlight I had not seen for a while.  It was the shortest day and a reason to celebrate rather than not as I was until then!!

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