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Saturday’s Small Stone

December 15, 2012

2012-12-14 17.48.54

This, the season when our matrimonial bed becomes uncomfortable for two; ‘what with the the snoring situation and all that’

So I find myself in my daughter’s room; of 20 years before going to University and Brazil.  It remains much the same; not for any sentimental reasons; but there is nowhere for it all to go.
So it has become a sort of a study-cum-bedroom. It is a pleasant sunny room where I spend many hours not just sleeping but writing. With today’s blog, my mind is full of words and memories… none of which is salvageable or even worthy of the page.

So a small stone inspired by 10cc I am not in love.

The migratory bird
leaves a mark as delicate as a feather
as tenacious as a talon
not ready to be hidden

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