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December 3, 2012

Graffiti at Babilonia

For the last four weeks I have been ‘doing’ a Writing and Spiritual Practice Course.  It has been good to write poems, share experiences and dabble in ‘other worldliness’.  But it leaves me in a bit of a dilemma; wanting to spout lyrical about the world its beauty, abundance and how we should be grateful to Mother Earth,God or whoever we consider provided it. However it is not as easy as that.  

For instance we have in the UK recently enjoyed the Olympics; for the last four years we have heard about how marvelous it would be and we are still reminded of the achievements of all involved.  When I point out any of the less favourable aspects of the event I am called a party poop, grumbler, negative etc.
My daughter lives in Rio soon to be the venue for the next World Cup and the Olympics. I assume the anticipation and the hype for this wondrous occasion is much as it was here.  But; and there are many buts including the infrastructure, the general environment and the destruction of homes and so called rehousing. Many of the less well off Brazilians live in the favelas including key workers; teachers, nurses, social workers; the likes of my daughter and her partner who need to live in the city for the work.
What I am trying to say is, that being spiritually aware is not just about writing poems of roses and their sweet perfume it is more about the horse shit that is needed to make them grow.

This blog was inspired by a poem by A R Ammons called City Limits.  

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