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Saturday Solace and listening …

December 1, 2012

Mantra girl

The sound of the dove [small voice}

Yesterday I finished a 4 week Online writing and spiritual practice course. I learned a lot but fear I will not retain my new found knowledge.  I hear the a little voice say ‘Use it or lose it.’ There is much truth in this somewhat ‘throwaway’ remark. I have never done such a course although I have done similar for work and my own ‘pleasure.’ However they have usually left me with, not only reams of notes and handouts but a feeling that ‘it was ok; but will it last?’  Then the ‘course’ has undergone the scrutiny of my other rather more critical and not so quiet voice.
So I am afraid this recent ‘gem’ did get a bit of this bashing although I  did say some nice things which may have come from the other voice of diplomacy and tact!
It is now 5am on Saturday morning the week and the routine of the blog stretches before me.  There are feelings and suffice to say the usual speeding heart and fearfulness has gone; there is a feeling of encouragement and hope. This comes not only from that tiny voice but from the facts.  Wordpress provides them daily!  My blog over the last 4 weeks has had 20% more views and more comments than I thought  possible.
So this morning I celebrate that small voice with a small stone. 

Each morning on the cushion

in solace place;

the  tea, small voice and me.

We muttered, mantra-ed laughed.

Did we weep? We may.

The thoughts they came and came

and went.

Granted thanks and praise

We sang a sacred Sanskrit song

of affinity and space.

And waited.

The ideas will come … later.



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