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I learned last week that … I might leave Still Life to Gustave Courbet

November 26, 2012

Last week I learned that I like photography and able to take a useful picture.  But I find the theory a tiny bit dull and tedious although the overall learning experience in the right situation it can be good and rewarding.
On Saturday I had my third photography class with Going Digital South in the City Mill, Winchester.  Sadly the traveling to and from was not ideal due to adverse weather conditions and the venue for the same reason was not so comfortable.  As a cyclist,  weather is not too much of a challenge,  if we are dressed for it.  However to arrive windswept, cold and disheveled and not in a position to improve the look then; it doesn’t bode well for a  good learning experience.
So you get my drift already things were not looking good.
Fortunately things did get better; the workshop was on Closeup and Macro Photography and I learned a lot about the good micro lens, the use of light and the tripod. I think in time and with practice I may be able to take some good shots.
Photography is a science and the language is not for the faint heart. There were 10 men and 2 ladies; while the men took to the language and the tools like ducks to water we girls muddled along smiling and raising eyebrows.  We tried not feel inadequate and glaze over when the men found the need to talk other cameras, other lenses and their cost and whichever website sold the best gizmo for whatever. Although I do want to learn and retain the knowledge; I don’t particularly want to take the best picture or employ the best and most expensive equipment.
Weather and creature comforts aside; a good class, lesson or workshop is about support and mutual understanding not just from the teacher, leader or facilitator but from the other students.
Fortunately our teacher was able to maintain this sense relaxation and sent us off for lunch early. While the boys found their way to Jessops, the girls made a cursory glance around the shop and went to the pub, for warm and idle chat. Which incidentally was about the camera my new found comrade was planning to buy at the Camera Exchange on the way home.
The afternoon was spent ‘shooting’ and then comparing notes on our results.
As I have said Macro photography is a complicated science but the end result is still subjective.  My mistakes will not be deleted or subjected to a complicated session on ‘paint box’ neither will I be trying to discover what went wrong; long exposure, to much light, too much depth of field, ISO, focus, or was my tripod the finest quality? … NO! life is too short.  

Even more sad I think Gustave Corbet did a better job with his paint box!

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  1. November 26, 2012 10:40 am

    I’m sure Corbet would have loved to have some of the equipment that is around now though! Fancy you being in Winchester. My son is in Bishops Waltham & I hail from Southampton so know the area V well!

    • November 26, 2012 10:55 am

      I was born and bred in Southampton; on the Hamble river and later as a young Mum in Woolston.

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