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Special Photo Challenge: My Inspiration

November 23, 2012

She the one :-

Who flicks the mascara and lippy with perfection between tasks
as if she knows there really is no time.

The one who knows sooner when to stop;
makes favourite tea in my best cup.

She will tirelessly search for the right shade of embroidery silk
she will not make do.

The woman who pushes the pedal with a Spartan tread up the hill.
then the girl of the high kick skirt to freewheel down the other side

The mama;she crisply launders the outfit for the important event
and delicately folds the silk camisole just in case.

She a trollop who can eat a sandwich on the fly with hair half done
and smile awry especially when time really has gone down the pan.

She is accomplished at road rage will scream and scoff
with the best for unfair reprisal

She will stand through thick and thin
lie on the bed and bear the situation as it is.

She will twist my top knot fair and true
tie a ribbon with flair, fashion and some!

She is readily inclined to smooth my tired brow
just as likely to kick arse!

My inspiration, dakini, goddess, yogini or angel call her what you like
is the master of disguise and has the stealth of an alley cat.

She find her way onto the stage and wave her wand and steal away
and leave me wondering ‘where did that come from?’

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