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Saturday Supplication … listening

October 20, 2012

This supplication come from the my heart.  Today I want peace ( I know you have heard it all before)  Not as Greta Garbo ‘Leave me alone.’ More I want to hear my heart as life goes on; and respond before rushing on to the next disaster or delight. I have the normal ups and downs; but I find myself at the end of the week or beginning of the weekend making plans.  Sapping every bit of succulent energy out of each second – greedily!

Yes i enjoy life; but my heart says ‘not enough!’
So today I am going to spend time with me in a state of gratitude to all beings and the success of the week  (and my contribution) before I consider the next week or even the next moment.

So here I am on my cushion with tea

Formless stream
heart beats.

There I said it!!…

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