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Weekly Photo Challenge … Happy

October 9, 2012

Happiness is not yours for keeping; it is a fleeting moment easier to measure less easy to save as a picture.
Lovemaking is the ultimate joy; but would be spoiled if one ran to fetch the camera to frame it!  The birth of a child is also the most wonderful experience and has been often photographed; but poor mum hardly looks or feels her best.
There are other pinnacles of pleasure to be remember on a plate;  such as the receipt of my degree rather later in life and passing my driving test in much earlier in 1969. Then my marriages all well documented but always with a taint of despair when one considers the pain and preparation one takes to ‘be happy’
Then we consider the moment of happiness itself; already discussed lovemaking is beautiful but also the sticky peck from a shy grandson.  My daughters are the joy of my life we correspond daily and they are a constant source of happiness and despair.  My son on the other hand has no need for the frequent mother contact; so the occasional one-liners with no words of love are highlights I cherish.
So rather than capture a happy snap today that might have been the result of yesterday’s grief or tomorrow’s delete button ; I have chosen a picture taken by my mother of me  c1959 and a moment of joy.
It reminds me of childlike happiness that has no baggage or comparison.  

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