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Last week I learned that life is routine … rich and damned

October 8, 2012

I am a routine, life is a routine we are born we die.  We have to create routine and patterns to ensure we keep safe and happy during this time. Our work and play is a routine.
I rise each morning at 5 am.  What is this a habit, routine or celebration? A routine until I unwrap a new bar of soap; then the celebration of the ablution begins; a joyous step into the day … unless the toothpaste tube is empty. Then damned be the routine!
Lets not forget the the morning cuppa, not for me the routine tea bag dunk. White tea leaves steeped at 80 degrees and sipped from  bone china cup! Tell me, when did the regular warmed pot and a spoon of leaves for each cup and one for the pot reach such ceremonious heights?
Question, each regular or routine task; emails for instance, an abysmal chore until up pops a delight from Brazil and another cuppa is poured and all is well with the world; unless of course … then the dastardly tablet is zapped.

Going to the gym and then to work is a pleasant practice providing the previous routines have been fulfilled. The packing of the bags requires minute analytical and strategic skills honed to a fine degree. The workplace ensemble should be colour coordinated; with corresponding underwear and shoes and arrive without a crease.  I should mention the towel, shower gel, and makeup and other needs for my workaday apparel are all the result of careful routines.  Oh Yes and ‘just in case’ … the further routine that with care will alleviate anxiety; which is the direct result of not having a rigid drill.
For instance, this Thursday I began my Creative Writing class. I had been before so I thought I knew where to go.  I ritually prepared myself with a new pen, pad and poem I had composed earlier to read out should the need arise. I was fully routined.  I cycled; leaving enough time to lock bike,  ‘routine’ the windswept hair and make a timely entrance.
I was happy until I realised that my expectation and the actual venue didn’t agree.  By the time I had discovered where I should be and got there, 45 minutes had passed! I should have ‘just in case’ checked the fine details of of the programme; but I hadn’t.  However, I do have a comic routine that I use in such a situation;  just in case … fortunately it worked and life and its rich routine went on.

Meaningful routine
crystal space

Lively routine
leave room
for just in case.

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