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Friday’s snapshot … Waiting for Sailor.

October 5, 2012

I am always on the lookout for good books for my grandchildren.  As I work in a library I am watchful of books coming to the Teaching Practice Collection.
I come from a generation who were plied with books that were not even pertaining to the 20th century; most were racist, sexist, repressive and oh so jolly!!
It was not until I took my ‘O’ levels in 1965 that my reading material became more enlightened and fulfilling.
So with this in mind I am careful that the books I buy are well illustrated and the subject matter reflects life in the 21st century; its diversity, inequality, unfairness and possible opportunity for change … readable and fun!
I came across this book last week and it ticked all the boxes and more … with love and commitment!!
I first noticed the nautical theme; as you know I grew by the sea and sailed as child. I have also written about flags and their signals.  I wondered about the message these on the cover told?
I noted the title; I was not comfortable with that as it had ‘barrack room’ humour connotations for me. Also reminiscent of the radio comedy show of the 1950s called the Navy Lark. 

 I understand that the book is a translation from the Dutch first edition entitled Wachten op Matroos (Waiting for Sailor) which I prefer.
It is a love story about two men that doesn’t focus on their sexuality; it is more to do with their commitment to one another; an example of a meaningful relationship whether gay or straight.
My grandsons of nine, seven and five years will enjoy the illustrations similar to their nearby Essex coastline and the tender tale.
There are gaps in the story that will raise questions and healthy discussion.


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