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Last week I learned that ….

October 1, 2012

In the absence of a prompt from WordPress this week;  I was invited to submit a post entitled Foliage to Where’s my backpack? And of course I will do this.  First, I will explain my reluctance in the past to consider travel blogs as a way to promote my own.  Then why I have changed my mind.  

I have learned that although I have traveled all my life; my journey only began little more than a year ago.  Since I was a child  from need and occasionally much pleasure I have roamed, cycled, run, climbed, traveled by train, coach, bus, prop plane and of late on a jet plane. I admit not much further than Europe; but always an adventure. Also, never with any more than the necessary clothes in a battered case or borrowed backpack and a few pounds.  On one occasion probably the most arduous was in 1978 when I left my home and an abusive relationship with a shopping trolley and sixty quid from southern England to north London barely 70 miles!

Needless to say I have never felt part of the traveling set who swanned about the world with a credit limit beyond imagination.
However, my need to wander faded; when with the joy of building a stable home for my family took priority.  Although I found other ways in which to travel; reading and dreams help.  But still this do not allow one into the elusive and exclusive club!
A little over a year ago Social Media allowed this little [old] lady going past her sell-by-date into the realms of the untrod and allow her to become would-be traveler
Meanwhile, my youngest child embraced the nomadic lifestyle albeit from the academic sphere.  With a degree in modern languages and the Latin American culture which of course helps when adopting the real travelling lifestyle; she moved to Rio de Janeiro. Which brings me back to the Theme of Foliage and my journey as a blogger and travels to Rio; my child’s home and the little twig.

The foliage hangs on in a difficult terrain and brings delight in an environment where others fear to tread and grow.

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