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September 10, 2012

If one dog has fleas you need not shoot them all  …

During recent refurbishment in the library; the department where I work moved to another part of the building.  Where the toilet facilities were not so conducive to women’s privacy as we were used to.  It has become the norm throughout the University that toilets were now unisex. Some of us including me were not comfortable with this arrangement.  
So we began grumbling about our experiences at home.  While my situation was not so bad; others were of nightmare proportions.
While staying  in the library rooms  at Karma Guen; where we do not have the luxury of en suite, we have to share a bathroom.  I am usually the only female among 10 or so men; it has been this way for 6 years.  During this time there have been Tibetan monks and artists whose bathroom cultural differences are notable.  
I can safely say without exception I have never had a problem.  I do play a little game; trying to shower etc. earlier or later. The former means I risk:  disturbing those who may have only gone to bed a couple of hours before. Or the latter, I am late for meditation.  
As regards the other complaints my colleagues shared  I have never had these.  My bathroom mates were clean, tidy and honourable. 

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