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Silent Sunday …

September 2, 2012

Today is Sunday and almost silent; even the crickets have not yet begun their hymn to the sun.  A distant dog grumbles; but even he cannot bear to break the silence and stops mid-sentence.  Tiny birds twitter aimlessly in the tired old olive tree. As the feral cat sleeping nearby under a nearby unturned wheel-barrow; she has no desire to glance let alone give chase for her breakfast yet.  
The students are enjoying a lie-in after weekend celebrations.
However it will not be long before the day is jerked to life from its gentle stupor by the sounds that will no longer be distinguishable just the symphony of life.
However there is one sound that will remain unique and will out -rock any symphonic masterpiece; it will come today as it always does … with the goats wearing bells foraging in the dry undergrowth hoping to find some tender green shoots that have grown after the morning dew.  
The sound like silence is wonderful … listen … if only you could.

These photos are overexposed, the sun was very bright and 40 degrees … no work of art but say what I want it to say

This is a Silent Sunday post inspired by Mocha Beanie Mummy. Check out the rest of the entries using tag #silentsunday on twitter.

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