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Last week I learned that … I will never learn!

August 27, 2012

I have been going on holiday for as long for as I can remember.  When will I learn that ‘holiday’ is not home in a different place or that I cannot take everything ‘just in case’.
So packing for me is a nightmare or it would be if I could sleep!
I can be remember as a child ; we spent our holidays sailing; on a sailing boat with limited space.  My mother sent me back home with my bag of books; too many to fit on board. We might sink!
Even now I have difficulties in the book area … even of late when I spend my holiday in a library!
It is the same with clothes and accessories; with those alone I would exceed my 20 kilos.  Now I have the delights of the added extras; laptop, flash pens and extra hard drive.  How would I manage without them?
The kitchen sink is a joke; but as I write I am tempted to put in a basin so that I can wash my feet.  Where we stay is very dusty ; the feet washing is a pleasant way to end the day.  Why should I not take a bowl and my essential oils — Oh! the oils?
An so it goes.  My book pile grows; I think of another ‘must read before I die title’.
Oh! Yes! There is my stash of tea, white, green and  a blend of just in case!
As a coeliac and dairy allergic;  it is vital that I take a supply of food that suits my palate or more important my gut.
Also it would save me a few more sleepless nights if I could empty the entire contents of my bathroom cabinet into my suitcase.  Oh!the airing cupboard  …
It is hardly surprising that I need a holiday; if I didn’t I do now.  

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