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Last week I learned that … Laughing in the library is not allowed

August 13, 2012

Our library is being repaired, the project is enormous; a logistical nightmare.  Each of the five floors is like a building site.
Our cataloging department has relocated from the ground floor to the fifth floor.  It is not a convenient or happy situation.Every emotion of the last few weeks has been aired by me and my colleagues.  I am and considered by most to be a balanced being; not bothered by much. But even I have found myself embroiled in the heartache of my work mates and looking forward to normality; ready for next term.
However, I have enjoyed running up the stairs each morning (up and down all day becomes a little tedious) even after an hour at the gym it has been a pleasant and solitary experience at the beginning of the day. So when I enter the office to be faced by the mournful souls who clearly do not share my sense of well being  … I smile ‘to myself (remember laughing is not allowed)
On Friday having read in my yoga magazine, a good way to start the day in the office is to do a half lotus in your chair at your desk; I thought I would give it a go.
I twisted up one leg and then the other and promptly fell of my seat.  Not a pretty sight; grovelling on the floor nothing hurt but my dignity;  I hoped no one had noticed.  They didn’t; the sad souls.
Shame, because it was worth a belly laugh.   

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