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Saturday’s supplication

August 11, 2012
From the Book of Hours

Maybe this holy family might help … from The Book of Hours?

This wishing malarkey is helpful. I tell my grandsons so. As parents and grandparents, it is part of the deal; the fulfiller of wishes.  So what happens when we no longer have a kindly parent or grandparent to help.

Then, our inbuilt parent comes into play and if we listen; can provide a good service!
So what happens when even they run out of answers to our constance requests?
For instance, I wish for more hours in the day.  Not less todo! I just want more hours! I have made lists, prioritised, revalued … you name it. You know-you have been there!
So this is a heartfelt plea to anyone – the fulfiller of wishes
More hours please.

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