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Last week I learned that … getting fit is hard work!

August 6, 2012

I go to the gym every day; except the weekend.  It is not something I discuss! I come from a generation who believed that only sportsmen and women needed to go to  the gym. So to consider myself a sports person would be audacious.

From my late teens I have always tried to keep slim;  you don’t grow up with Twiggy lurking around every magazine corner and not aspire to leanness.   This of course didn’t mean that with the slimness came fitness.Still,  going to the gym was not an option; neither financially nor culturally as already discussed.  Also, there was not a gym in every locality; although there were swimming baths in most towns; a bus ride away.

So I cycled at every opportunity, to and from work  and did the London to Brighton Bike Ride once.  I enjoyed running and swimming until quite recently and now yoga is for me.

Now that I have been dragged into the 21st century;  and that going to the gym is no longer forbidden for the uninitiated.  I decided to take the plunge when swimming and particularly running was now for me a health risk.

I considered myself fit when I joined the gym.  It was quite a shock to learn that I needed to get fit to be fit! Day after day I go; doing a bit of this and bit of that; yoga, weights or spinning.
Trying not to notice the sweat dripping bodies and red grimaces around me and the huge effort ‘they’ make to get fit.
The rowing machine for instance,  a mean contraption ; that in the hands of an athlete can fly while I gently meander down the ‘Thames’ barely making a wave.  On the mats, manly muscles crunch, beyond imagination; heaving like all-in-wrestlers.  Me and press-ups are not easy bedfellows; after one or two feeble lunges; the water fountain has a strange appeal.
So you see I am not a natural gymnast; my intentions are good but my muscles are weak – and my attention span is nil.
Also, I am too long in the tooth … those previous culture barriers are still well down.
I come from a generation who believed girls should only perspire.  I never saw Twiggy even glow!

So a eventually when somebody begged the question and asked ‘
Don’t you sweat? ‘
‘No!’ I replied ‘You cannot sweat and smile!’

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