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Saturday’s Supplication … for mums of distant children!

August 4, 2012

Celebrations for me are not easy.  My my life has been a minefield of delights and despair. Ricocheting from Carrying on up the Kyber to  Jude the obscure.
So a splendid expensive celebrations can have reminders of pain; so best avoided. So I prefer moment by moment celebrations.
This transition was not easy;  the psychological, emotional and hormonal imbalance had to be considered.
Without our ‘last left home child’;  getting my long suffering husband ‘on board’ and able to celebrate ‘alone’ was more difficult.
I can do this; cake, coffee, tea or a walk in the park are all it takes; but he struggles especially with my aforementioned fluctuating attitude.  The  poor chap didn’t know what to expect.  I could always change my mind.  What pleased me yesterday may not please me today!!

This weekend we plan a skype breakfast to celebrate our daughter’s birthday … as far from spontaneous as you can get (see what I mean) I say breakfast as it will be our lunch and in Rio breakfast
So I ask those gods and goddesses … to bring all mums of distant children to a warm place on Sunday and the ability to celebrate their distance Please!

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