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Last week I learned that … old pianos don’t die.

July 16, 2012

Last week I learn that pianos are not merely dumped by the side of the road.  In the provinces I believe fly tipping is being addressed; so that it is difficult to dump your unwanted furniture by the side of the road.  However, it is not unusual in my locality, where there are many homes in multiple occupation, to see an item left on the pavement. Sometimes, for a day or two, pedestrians will will walk around a sideboard un-noticing  until it is removed.
So when I saw a piano on the walkway beside the Thames, near Old Billingsgate Market, last week; my first instinct was that it had been dumped.  It was not the finest piano I had seen … looked to me as it had had a 1970s makeover; a little psychedelic  Then I thought that as it was wrapped in polythene and protected from the rain; the owner might be along soon.
A little later while walking to the Monument  , I saw another ‘dumped’ piano.  This time someone was playing it and the pianist was surrounded by a her family.  It was a pleasant scene especially as the rain had eased and the streets were now more busy.
Two ‘dumped pianos’  in one morning was too much; but I was still not getting the drift. Poor lost pianos was not convincing either!
When we went back to Old Billingsgate Market, the piano on the path was now uncovered and was attracting a small queue of would be pianists.
But I had other ‘fish to fry’ Ha! no pun intended this was Old Billingsgate Market that had been in the past the main fish market of London. I had a Festival to go to.
And poor forgotten pianos got forgotten.
… Until this morning when a blog popped up, as they do.  The answer  I have lead a sheltered life
Best not leave a piano in the Broad Street in Reading we/i am not ready for it yet.  

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