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Last week I learn that …

July 3, 2012

… I might be too old for ‘festival going’

When the children were young we went to great lengths to keep them entertained.  So weekends and holidays were busy and fun-no complaints there.  Then as they grew up and become less dependant on our input we enjoyed the peace and quiet.  When the youngest left home, to study and live in Brazil; the space was too painful for me.

I filled the chasm with stuff and busy-ness; that was not ideal either.  So now I try and find a happy medium and that seems to work. However that is not always easy; sometimes we just bob along and we wish for something to happen.  Then we have a succession of busy weeks.  This week has been one of them and the highlight was the Black2Black festival at Billingsgate Market.

We booked the tickets soon after we returned from Brazil.  With our new found interest in Brazilian Music particularly Gilberto Gil and our previous experience of African music when we saw Miriam and Amadou last year; we were very excited.  

This was my first experience of a ‘festival’ since WOMAD in 1994.  That year it was particularly hot and we wandered from tent; tasting music and food. Lounging on the grass beside the Thames or sitting on strategically placed bales of straw; more easily dine in rural Reading.
Here at Old Billingsgate Market, again by the Thames but in the city of London;  it was not so crowded but very concrete.  There were a few coffee bean sacks stuffed and used as cushions; not ideal but OK if not a little intimate at times.
More so when the queues for food criss crossed the terrace in front of the main building.  The wait for food was about half an hour for the Veggie choice; the meat queue was considerably longer.  The food was cheap and substantial; but the choice was limited.  When supper time came we had ‘same again.’
Us girls are used to queuing for the toilets … I assume a fifteen minutes wait at a festival is normal.  I cannot fault the cleaning and support staff; so while perhaps not as comfortable as I would like it was clean and a very happy occasion.
The music was fabulous and the choice in three different areas almost too much- but it did make the queuing bearable.

We did find a very nice coffee shop in the vaults; where the coffee was delicious and they served some very pleasant corn cakes which are gluten free that I had become accustomed to while I was in Brazil earlier this year.

So all things considered it was a very pleasant day, albeit a little hard on the feet and the bottom … I will do it again.  

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