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Saturday Supplication

June 30, 2012

My wish this week is simple.  It is to do with time.  I know I should honour time; it is not mine  to keep, to hold or grab.  I cannot save it or put in the the bank.  It is more precious than gold or silver.  It is the ultimate gift that I should treasure and spend wisely.
So why is it at the end of the day, week, year, I say ‘If only I had done this or done that.’
Full of regret and excuses.
Instead I should be grateful for time, the way and the choices I have to spend it. No,  ‘What ifs ?’ and ‘Buts.’

Time is here and now
There is no going back; so
be grateful for that.

I have a friend at work who is very dependable; he always has the answer. There is nothing he cannot do.  He is the perfect brother!!
And today I needed him; I wanted an image for this blog.  However, he was busy with the end of term staff party; the party of the year.  Better than Christmas;  so I could not disturb him.  I wandered around aimlessly with my camera looking for the image.  It was raining and the light was poor.  Still at home-time there was no picture and no hope!!
So, I resigned myself to the fact that today’s blog would not have an image; and enjoy the party instead!
Later at the party; I told ‘brother’ of my predicament and he said ‘yep! I have the very thing … it’s in the Bindery, (my colleague is a binder  and his domain is an Aladdin’s cave) …  he carried on doing what brothers do … cooking at the party!!



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