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How was your Sunday?

June 25, 2012

Sunday is no longer the day of rest.  It has become a day of the week like any other; things to do and places to go.  Yesterday, I went to Basildon Park, Pangbourne for a photography workshop.  

It had been planned for weeks, so I was well prepared; new memory card and charged battery.  Sunday ‘things to do’ were ‘done’ on Saturday.  So there were no practical reasons why I should not go.  Just the nagging doubt in my ability and a misplaced idea that I could be a photographer.  And the raging school room and teacher fear.
As Basildon Park is local I considered cycling.  But as the weather was not just unsettled it was dramatically changeable; there was a risk that I would be blown off my bike and drowned.  So  not a happy option.
So I took the car, with my husband so he could drive home and make use of the car during the day.  This was good move;  I love to drive and it is difficult to bite your fingernails and negotiate the twists and turns of the A329. Plus without cycling garb I could at least arrive a looking a little like a lady who photographs. Instead I felt like a girl on her first day at school.
However these fears and misconceptions were short lived.  Moreover the weather was kind the heavy rain had stopped by mid morning and the promised sun shone all afternoon albeit a little cloudy and very windy.  It did not spoil the day.
Also the teaching was not as I expected Peter was a perfect instructor; surprisingly not at all technical.  Although the ‘pupils’ except me were clearly of the techno age; his style suited us all.  From the  moment we sat down we were working with our cameras and before long we were out in the house and gardens practicing our new found skills.
It really was a great day and I cannot wait to go again …. so another step.  

The lavender spire

spilled perfume on the breeze

invited a breath

Nela Bligh

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