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Saturday’s supplication

June 23, 2012

Most of us pray or make wishes with or without spiritual inclination.  Whether it is for wealth, beauty or well being; we do it.  I am not alone. We try, I hope to include all beings in our prayer.  For instance when wishing for my children; with all the awareness I can muster.  Just in case a god is indeed listening; I am a belt and braces person. I say ‘May all children behave well today; for Grandma’ or ‘May all children be well enough to go to school today’ when I have a pretty hard day ahead!
Also care with words is good I find; considering again anyone up in that heavenly place.  When life is getting hectic and we wish for ‘a day off’ is a bit risky because as sure as eggs are eggs our fate might come and the end of our well paid job!
I have found praying or wishing is a an art not to be abused.
So this brings me to my wish and question.
Tomorrow I am going to a photography course it is the second in the series for beginners or improvers with a SLR.  The standard will have risen; I have worked hard and improved a little.  I do not enjoy the class room situation.  I am envious of others; they all will seem physically and mentally in tune while I am a gibbering idiot.
I wish that  while I will not be David Bailey (as discussed earlier not a sensible prayer!) I will retain any new information, accept my achievements – not  top of the class and not bottom.

How can I with compassion and wisdom,  in a world where people would give their right arm and more to have a potion of my life, ask for more?
…. and oh yes the sun, can it shine too?

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