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Wednesday’s Wise Women … Deborah Harding and Terence Winch!

May 30, 2012

The way in which I measure ‘wiseness’  for my Wise Women feature is not an exact science.It does not relate to age, time or place – it just happens.  For instance, you know I am new at creative writing and inspired by all sorts of things but mostly by other poets.  Recently I came across a poem by Deborah Harding called How I knew Harold.  She, in turn gave credit to Terence Winch.

Here is my humble attempt to emulate two fine poets

On dry land.

Around 1949, my Uncle Hector said he would buy a pram for his sister’s expected baby if it arrived on his birthday.  I didn’t.

Around 1966, I went to a Spencer Davis Group concert at the Royal Pier, Southampton – alone. Wearing an orange trouser suit ‘borrowed’ from my sister.

Around 1954, my mother who was a school teacher took me to the classroom each day; while a neighbour looked after my baby sister. I was so not interested in learning or even looking at the teacher.

Around 1977, the year after the well remember hot summer of ‘76, I left my home, husband and children. It was for the best.

Around 1995, I began an OU degree course; after 6 years I felt that all my brain cells had been removed, squeezed and twisted. Returned absorbent.  Also, the doors of my shuttered mind had been opened and the light came in. That was result enough!

Around 1961, we moved from the houseboat on the river to a house – on dry land. My father decided not to join us.

Around 1988, the Year of the Dragon, on the eighth of August my daughter was born.  She came with more than we ever dreamed.

Around 1967, I met the love of my life, we learned, loved, laughed and loathed.

Around 1982, Colin and I honeymooned in Paris for 5 days and £500.  What more could we ask?

Around 1964, I wound my fair into a french pleat. To my eyes I applied three coats of Max Factor Coal Black mascara and some! For my lips, a flick of Coty Pearly Pink. I pout.

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  1. May 30, 2012 11:59 am

    Raw, Beautiful, and Bold.

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