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The old cycle and must have a brave heart!

April 13, 2012

Original colour unknown.
After years of exposure to the sun and rain,
Its paintwork has faded and the surface of the metal corroded
Broken and chipped.
From years of use and misuse the gears
droop as an old thing might.
Its inadequate brakes can no longer be trusted.
Like a dog or cat not given house room,
chained against a lamp-post at the bottom of the hill.
Even the finest cycle cannot assault a gradient of 1 in 6 in 40 degrees.
The cyclist needs all her remaining energy at the end of the day
to climb the hill alone.
The old thing doesn’t deserve the effort.
Nonetheless the cyclist cannot be slack she must not fade
Into the background or be in disrepair!
Having gathered the requirements for a rickety old bike,
She with fitness, alertness, youthfulness and fear
She cannot be fearless with faulty brakes, no gears and a wonky saddle.
Also, disdain, for time, sun, rain who are not her only enemy
The driver is her most ferocious predator
He aims to keep the cycle and its healthy charge at bay
on a cycle track!
Where, the sun and the wind, might tempt her mind to leave its senses behind
it might flutter her hair and warm her heart
The cyclist and her old soul cannot be fooled
Even by life’s pleasantries
Its wondrous forms cannot be observed.
Peripheral vision is on red alert
For other fearsome users.
Consider the skateboarder, roller skater and the other cyclist
Appearing from nowhere
To disappear in a thrice
The dawdling or dashing dog, its walker and the stroller and strolling mama
Then impermanence;
The dual carriage advances path ends
for the cyclist there is no contest
The motorist wins.

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  1. elenichrist permalink
    April 17, 2012 8:53 pm

    Beautiful Ride. Thank you for taking us on

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