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Off to Rio

March 20, 2012

Sand Sculpture on Copacabana

Well, I am on my way to the holiday of a lifetime in Brazil.  It feels as if it has been planned for a lifetime; my daughter’s lifetime.  She graduated from Liverpool University with a degree in Latin American Studies and then discovered the opportunities in the United Kingdom with such experience were limited. Her distinction in Portuguese language and her dissertation about Human Rights in Brazil proved to be of limited value. So she decided to return to Rio de Janeiro where she had spent one year of her course.

I did half expect this but it was still a mighty blow; the Empty Nest Syndrome hit me like a right hook from Mohamed Ali and I have been reeling ever since.

I began preparing for this separation like most mothers for when my carefully hatched fledgling flew the nest.  But we must prepare and I did; with further education and some beefy hobbies, including a creative writing course and joining a gym.

My first fear was that I would not be able to get internet access in Rio when I arrived.  My only other fear was that the security at Heathrow would not allow me to take my sewing machine with me.  Fortunately my little red apparition was not considered a health and safety risk even with its needle. However the internet is not so obliging.   So my communication with you all will be inconsistent I beg your patience.

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