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Going to Rio de Janeiro

January 27, 2012

Just a taster!

In March I am going to Rio de Janeiro to stay with my daughter and her Brazilian partner for three weeks.  I am sure they will have some plans and will have lots of priceless local knowledge as regards our site seeing. We will indeed see more than most tourists – I am delighted about this.

However, I am keen to have some input in the preliminary plans and my daughter would agree. But I am unable to find a book or information about Rio and what there is to see. There is of course the Lonely Planet and Rough Guide but they are a little bit dull – impersonal – and without pictures.

I do have pictures sent on a daily basis from a mobile phone of streets, beaches, markets places, cafes unfortunately there is no connection with the real thing.

Over the years I have become familiar with a few cities of Europe particularly London; by going there regularly – again and again making mistakes. Rio is a long way away so I cannot afford to make too many mistakes no matter how fruitful they have been in the past.  By taking the wrong path I have often found my way into a beautiful avenue, museum or art gallery – so I am not averse to mistakes per se – I would like to be a bit prepared or at least make a small contribution to the itinerary.

You know me well enough to know that I would like to see the National Library, I have read a little about its size, beauty and standing amongst the other national libraries on the http://www.  But, I would like to know more about its academic strengths and the works I might be able to see – as tourist might in the British Library.

As my father sailed to Brazil on many occasions – once in a life boat after being torpedoed by a German ‘U’ boat, I would like to see the dockland and a maritime museum.  Especially as I have been to Belem in Portugal from where Christopher Columbus sailed to discover the Americas, and from where and to,  Tall Ships sail regularly to celebrate his discoveries.

As you know I love to shop: so a look at some local markets would be a bonus. Without local knowledge I would not know where to find the best and most spectacular; such as Spitalfields and Borough markets in London that reflect the diverse culture of London and England.

I could not go to Brazil without visiting a coffee shop and tasting real Brazilian coffee. Where is the best place?

The other thing; tea – Matte is the Brazilian tea, where can I experience that? Where does it grow? Does Matte have a similar place in the Brazilian culture as tea in China?

Music … ?

I would value any thoughts you might have in these matters; please suggest books to whet my appetite and add to the meagre collection I have on the subject or websites that might enlighten me a little.

I cannot wait !!

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  1. Amy Jo permalink
    January 30, 2012 3:04 pm

    Well we can start at the market at Praça VX, saturday mornings, full of antiques, good junk, bad junk, Communist memorabilia, enamel pans, buttons, pencils… ended with a piece of Casava cake, and then maybe a look at the exhibitions and free film showings at Cultural Centre of Banco do Brasil.
    On the first Saturday of each month there is also a Market in Lavradio – but this is a little more crafty (and a tad more touristy/expensive) but there is nothing stopping us from getting their early for a lunch of yummy sardines and chilled beer, to listen to the street music and watch the very curious and interesting world walk buy… and Nela, this is just a taster…

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