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For Xmas I wish for World peace and a pair of socks …

December 25, 2011

Very warm cashmere socks

I am writing this while sitting on my meditation cushion. Making wishes for peace, love and prosperity for all beings – I sneak in a quick one for Me!  ‘May I today have a pair of socks?’  It is Christmas morning, surely someone has read my list; they were almost at the top before the French perfume, the silk pyjamas and the expensive camera lens.  The latter has already been crossed off because I bought that myself.

I have low blood pressure so much that the circulation in my lower legs can fail particularly at night as a result I always have cold feet.

There are ways to alleviate this discomfort; cayenne pepper taken in a tablet daily or sprinkled in my shoes can help, also dried ginger in a capsule or the root grated in hot water and sipped will revived a chilled foot or two.

I have a selection of socks to complement each outfit and as they become shabby I wear them in bed or to ‘lounge.’ However this is not always a pretty sight, so a pair of socks at Christmas is always well received to replenish stocks.

A pretty or practical pair – I care little- will do the trick, compared with ‘Poshy Poshy ‘ PJs or ‘Bristol Channelle’  they are relatively cheap.

I can see no reason why this little request cannot be fulfilled, from September   the shops and department stores were decked with socks, checkouts and tills were draped with the cheering delights.

I am not ungrateful, I will receive some lovely and thoughtful presents, my mother’s generous cheque will buy several pairs of socks in the sales after Christmas.

But it is not the same is it?

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