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Changing into your Mum?

December 13, 2011

You think you might be changing into your mum or your grandmother because you have become rather unnaturally attached to your duster.  If you have taken to draping the duster across your shoulder like a fashion accessory (as you do soon after one becomes a mother when the muslin cloth becomes your closest ally) then you do have problems.

You have begun to wash out plastic containers and jam jars and stash them anywhere in the kitchen.  Worse, you are washing out polythene bags and pegging them on a little washing line between two nails in the back yard. I mean, the little washing line as opposed to the big washing line with its complicated pulley system allowing the washing to be hoisted above the roof tops like a galleon in full sail.  While the sheets and towels blow the breeze your neighbours can observe the brilliance and the careful use of the ‘blue bag.’ If you do feel the need to search out a ‘blue bag’ I wouldn’t worry they became redundant when biological soap powders flooded the market. They were indeed little bags of blue dye added to the final rinse to brighten it.

No!  When I was a young mum in the 70s the little line was for ‘smalls’ and not so ‘smalls,’ those perhaps mended beyond repair – Mending!  Seek advice should you begin to repair your smalls.

Then, you are definitely turning into your grandmother or worse mine.

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  1. December 14, 2011 9:15 pm

    I wash out all my jars and use them for homemade chutney. I’m either turning into my grandmother of Kirstie Allsopp – not sure which is worse…

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