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When is it shopping?

September 26, 2011

Living in a provincial town my rather alternative shopping needs are not always met! So I find I have to make choices.

They can range from searches in skips to the www. I say searching,  a term I use loosely especially when in a skip ; because I am a lady and discretion is the game … the desired item is viewed from afar and removed with minimal fuss. Recently, while looking for an unusual planter for my garden I spied a galvanised water tank and was it removed with the aid of a passing neighbour in moments. It was filled with winter pansies before the day is out!!  So while this is an exciting way of fulfilling my needs it is rather random and my shopping list is not always completed.

I also use the www; – where else for instance would I get Tibetan Pink salt: I use it regularly in the kitchen and bathroom and it is not readily available locally, so I had to find another source for this beautiful alternative to rock salt.

I enjoy a trip to London; whilst I may not always get what I need I am rarely disappointed; but there are always added costs and what begins as a shopping trip becomes gastronomic extravaganza paralleling the cost of a package holiday in Spain!

The alternative is internet shopping. This is not without excitement and sense of achievement.   As a would-be aromatherapist I love to ‘shop around’ for essential oils, compare prices for a soon-to-acquired laptop or other digital delights and of course books!

While web shopping is time consuming, and the only added cost is the packaging and postage it can be done in unsocial times leaving me time to do other sort of shopping not yet discussed that can only be done on Saturday or Sunday morning in real shops in Jericho, Summer town, and dare I say Reading for flowers, bric-a-brac and coffee!

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