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Let me tell you a secret …

August 22, 2011

I am not your stereotypical 60 year old lady: I cycle to the gym every morning and workout before going to work. Not so much a guilty pleasure, more my best kept secret – not a secret garden but a secret place –where my identity is removed along with my day clothes where I can ‘do’ gym! I am a member of a club. In a place where I can sweat, strain, show my body and be proud that even after all these years I can still row 1000 metres in under 6 minutes , cycle 10 miles on the ‘ rocky mountains of Utah’ – even if they are virtual? The calories I burn are real! And then I walk the Sunset strip.
Some days I do yoga when I take on another persona –that of a goddess, enjoying the bliss, emptiness and Namaste … who am I kidding; actually it depends on the teacher after 45 minutes of twisting, leaning and pulling at 7.30 am my body can feel as if it has been ‘pulled through a hedge backwards’. So, while the teacher leaves the room cool and serene me and my fellow would – be yogis may be left hoping for enlightenment the next day.
But instead, it’s time for ‘spinning’ – a word which in my opinion should be added to the dictionary meaning sitting or standing on a static bike cycling up and down rolling hills and mountains to the beat of rock music for 40 minutes with a break at the end of each ‘song’ for a quick slug of water and then to slid off the bike in a pool of sweat! How can I share that experience with my friends without sounding like a complete glutton for punishment?
There is a regular core of participants who gather at the gym between 7am and 8.30am. Unaware of status or even name; we acknowledge each other with ‘knowing’ nods. We are not friends, we care little as regards what they are wearing or doing. We are like ships that pass in the night.
So why do I return?
The gym is managed by band of professionals who hold this motley crew together, by greeting us by name, take our bookings, monitor our progress and assess our ability. It is a place where reality is suspended and I can become superwoman for an hour or so.

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