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Wednesday´s Wise Woman … Karen Kerschen.

September 5, 2012

When I started researching and writing for my regular Wise Woman post; I did not anticipate the value of and longevity the blog.  Also I overestimated my so called knowledge and understanding of regular writing and its quality.  So each week I am ashamed of my attempts to learn and share information about women who would ´knock me into a cocked hat’.  Women, I should pay homage to  rather than degrade with inaccuracies and lies discovered on the internet.  Instead I should do meaningful research and give honour.
So in a bid to rectify my errors in my post about Violeta Parra I decided to read further. Then correct any inaccuracies and improve its readability.  Within my capabilties I have done this I hope.
However I think it would be prudent instead to recommend Karen Kerschen who wrote Violeta Parra : by the whim of wind and I quote this book ‘combines a fascinating biography of Chile´s foremost folk singer as well as a poetical insight into Violeta´s passionate, tumultuous life and creativity.  This is no doubt, the most complete and sophisticated work ever devoted to Violeta Parra, an iconic symbol of cultural heritage in the Americas’.

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