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Friday´s library snapshot …

August 31, 2012

A bit of a change this week or two; as my location and role has changed.  Although this is my annual leave;  my day in a very pleasant climate and surroundings is much the same.  The books and their subject matter are quite different and do not fit into the Dewey Decimal System.  Nonetheless it is exacting and very enjoyable.
My day starts around 9 o’clock; I hear the students meditating. I feel a little guilty as I should join in this calling of Wisdom Buddha.  I live in a little community of men; I politely wait for them to use the communal bathroom; this lying in means I have to relinquish this joy of medition.
So I begin by cataloging; there is a considerable backlog; as I have taken leave of some responsibility while enjoying a family Christmas at home, followed by a trip to Brazil.
The books are about Buddhism and as diverse as books about Mathematics. For some unknown reason they are mostly in German and more than a little testing.
So this morning I decide to have a little diversion; a little way along the track I noticed some prickly pears begging to be photographed so I popped out for a while… the result will be posted later.  I returned refreshed and ready to continue classifying the books that seemed a little more interesting, until lunchtime.  Later after siesta some more peaceful spine labelling and shelving …


Tea in the library not a healthy combination but what else can a girl do?

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