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Friday from the Library …

January 29, 2016

Earlier this week I attended an art class, as we chatted, during a break, the name Victor Ambrus came up. I don’t remember why, as we were drawing Roman artifacts found at the archaeological site, at Silchester now showing in Reading Museum.  

I had a vague recollection of Victor Ambrus as an illustrator of children’s books and had some examples in the Children’s Collection at Special Collections.  Returning to work on Tuesday I did a quick search and was delighted at these examples of his work.

Although the subject matter is not Roman, the intricate patterns and fine paint strokes lend themselves to the delicate jewelry and trinkets found in the the old Roman town. Now almost 2 millennium ago, we forget,  when the colours  of the dyes and jewels would have not yet faded.

As green as it comes …

January 28, 2016

Black tea with a bag!In the absence of the AlphabeThursday hosted by another blogger I seem to have lost my momentum. Jenny’s weekly slot really did fuel my fire; so lately my energy has been lost.  However, I hope to resurrect my own adventure with the letters of the alphabet in relation to my addiction to tea; in particular Chinese green and all her variations. So as I reach another crossroads in my life, of which there are many lately I will begin with a quote by a Chinese scholar called Tien Yiheng “Tea is drunk to forget the din of the world” and he is right try as we might to address and reconcile the difficulties of life there really isn’t anything better than a cup of tea with a biscuit to find peace; albeit for only for a moment. nelabligh (as green as it comes)

Weekly Photo Challenge … Optimism

January 26, 2016

glassI have optimism and believe that it has been my salvation as a person who suffers from depression. However, it is not always considered as a valuable attribute; often seen as unrealistic. My partner is pessimistic and realistic; he will see the disadvantages of a new opportunity before the good. Perhaps, when considering a family holiday he will think about the cost, travel problems suggesting that the temperature should not be too hot or too cold.  Much thought will go into the planning, so ensuring no problems en route. He sees my fearless attitude as fun; but at times misplaced.

I, on the other hand will only see the joyful aspects, will not baulk at temperature, language or uncomfortable culture. I enjoy an adventure. His attitude  has stood us in good stead with wonderful holidays organised to every detail; but sadly leaves not much space for spontaneity and happy accidents.

How does one represent this half full half empty cup dilemma  in a photograph? I don’t know.

Silent Sunday

January 24, 2016


Friday’s library snapshot ….

January 22, 2016

Preparing this to be catalogued for the Cole Library this week 

Museum museorum, oder Vollständige schaũ bühne aller materialien und specereyen :nebst deren natürlichen beschreibung, election, nutzen und gebrauch, aus andern material-, kunst- und naturalien-kammern, oost-und-west-indischen reiss-beschreibungen … wie auchselbsteigenen erfahrung, zum vorschub der studirenden jugend, materialisten … u.s.w. also verfasset, und mit etlich hundert sauberen kupfferstücken unter augen geleget by D. Michael Bernhard Valentini published 1714 by J.D. Zunner’s sel. erben und J.A. Jungen in Franckfurt am Mayn

… is, I understand a complete set of a scarce work. A compendium of natural and artificial curiosities including descriptions of the Collection of the Royal Society of London Botanic Gardens at Leydon, collection once owned by German princes.

The engravings are numerous and exquisite.


Weekly Photo Challenge …

January 19, 2016

As a child, Alphabet or ABC books featured large in my early development. Like every child, on every nation as we began to communicate, read and write for centuries must have used them. I have written blog posts about them and even have a small collection.  Looking back at them they are were a strange bunch of books and not, I think very useful, then and even less now as the world and its languages are more readily accessible.

So the value of these works of art are limited and destined for the museum .

However, Edward Lear the master of the alphabet is deserved of a second glance.  

This morning I …

January 18, 2016

brokenLast week I attended the funeral of a dear friend and my husband last his job.  Both pretty horrible but I will not dwell on either; that has been done!

However, this morning while preparing for my first morning cuppa I broke the handle off my water jug. Such a shame, but not a disaster I have plenty of jugs to use, none of which match and not perhaps so aesthetically pleasing; none would detract from the taste or effect. Yet,I feel the need to repair the little gem and extend its life a bit longer. I don’t want to chuck it in the bin. So with a blob of superglue and the right attitude it will last a bit longer.

I do understand that in Japanese culture breakages are celebrated, and repaired accordingly with gold. I believe it is called Kintsugi. 

So, while I know nothing about this procedure I would like to investigate it  further and would value thoughts and ideas.  

While a blob of glue and a twirl of gold may not bring  back my friend or conjurer up a new opportunity for my husband  … repair and adjustment can be beautiful and restorative


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