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Weekly photo challenge … Half and Half

July 21, 2015

Half and half, I am not sure how I can represent this prompt in a photograph.  As a mother I/we are cut in half in our devotion to the care and subsequent separation from our children.  We give them wings and roots, so they say, wings for which to fly and roots from which they draw energy and strength.  While I am staying with my youngest in Brazil; half of me (maybe more) feels I have been successful and the other half whispers … why so far?

2015-07-07 10.53.09

Yesterday we went …

July 20, 2015

Yesterday, we went to Santa Teresa to visit the printing press and shop of Gonçalo Ferreira da Silva who has written and printed many cordels and books about the literature, history and culture of cordel.

I was able to add to my little collection of these lovely little story books and enjoyed these bandeirinhas (little flags); we in UK call them bunting. I understand that these were result of a recent celebration of the work of Gonçalo Ferreira da Silva and Brazilian Literature  in SESC Ramos where grown ups and children were able to learn the art of wood cut.

Silent Sunday

July 19, 2015

2015-07-18 22.26.43

This week at the ‘studio’

July 18, 2015

This week I returned with my daughter to a her printing studio. We finished our reduction linocuts. Then we went on to use the last print with a new cut, to make this time a two colour print. We had a joyous time and the results … showed that I think!

Lots of lessons learned …



Friday’s Snapshot … from Rio

July 17, 2015

Away again from the library and happy on holiday in Rio!  I am unable to bring a snapshot from the library. This week I went to an exhibition of Tarsila in Rio at the MAR while I was unable to take pictures,I did enjoy this poster out side.


2015-07-14 16.41.44

Alphabe Thursday … H is for Homage

July 16, 2015

Last week in the flurry of holiday distractions; I missed out the honourable ‘H’   








Homenagens matutinas

Trazem grande inspiração

Aos poetas quando cantam

Falam de amor e paixão

Quem ama e ouve seus versos

Incendeia o coração


The poet suggests that if we, pay homage to the morning it will bring great inspiration.

The poet is able to sing of love and passion and in turn ignites the heart of those who love to hear his verses.


I always begin the day with a prayer of devotion to the day ; not to a particular god but to she who has remained kind of late!!

Have a good day and sorry that I went off piste last week.

Wednesday’s Engraver

July 15, 2015

On Wednesdays I usually spout about some woman of note but not without endless resources. Here in Brazil while I am able to access much, it is in Portuguese. Also, and more important I promised myself a relaxed attitude to my daily post … especially in a environment where I am not used to being without internet at all moments of the day. So this morning when there was a lapse in the so far very good internet connection … I was a little impatient with the providers of my immediate good fortune … for which I apologise !

However, this space gave me an opportunity to look more closely at A gravura Brasileira na coleção Monica e George Kornis a catalogue of an exhibition in Rio during 2007 and two engravings that took my eye by  Yolanda Mohaly (1909-1978) of whom I know nothing … I situation I plan to rectify


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