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Silent Sunday …

November 29, 2015

2015-11-29 10.13.32


November 28, 2015

For the last few weeks I have whined and wailed about my misfortunes, so why change the habits of a lifetime. However, while the sun peeps through and the howling gale now a pleasant breeze; I can sweep the leaves and tidy the garden  and take pleasure from these drawings done earlier as the aforementioned sun struggled over the chimney pots.

2015-11-28 09.36.45


Thursday’s Alphabet … B is for Black Tea and pot

November 26, 2015

2015-11-25 15.21.33I don’t have  favourite tea; all, even those I have yet to try are special and hold a happy opportunity.  Black tea, I take when I return home from work at 5.30pm or a little earlier at the weekend when the afternoon begins to fade at about 4pm; sometimes, with a cake or biscuit. The one I have at the moment is called Tippy Yunnan.  It is a very forgiving tea and allows me merely to use boiling water (others are a little more tender and prefer 80 degrees) and steep it 2 or 3 times.  While it is deliciously smooth; the first steep simply sparkles.  Thereafter, the flavour softens and becomes comforting as the night draws in.  Black tea is known for its anti inflammatory qualities, so lately after the leaves are completely steeped I add some camomile flowers, that also has healing characteristics along with aids to a restful sleep.  

I have a nice teapot bought in a charity shop that gives tea time a sophisticated air albeit a little out of focus!

Silent Sunday

November 22, 2015

2015-11-22 08.57.45

Saturday …

November 21, 2015

My daily blog post has been difficult these last few weeks. I thought returning to work even for a few hours might make it all better and of course it will in time. As I write I hear that little voice ‘What is the rush?’

After a lifetime of commitment and routine, why should I not consider my welfare and health for a week or so? It hard to believe I am deserved and entitled to this merely because I have paid into a National Health Service.

So being back at work albeit between painkillers and attached, at times to the TENS, it was good catching up on emails, booking next year’s annual leave and looking at a few books.



AlphabeThursday … A is for the art of tea

November 19, 2015


2014-03-30 07.59.17I am tired of writing about my recent demise, but being away from my place of work I feel bereft of ideas and inspiration. Even, this week returning with a ‘phased’ doctor’s note I am still unable to use the surrounds positively in my daily blog post; it just doesn’t seem appropriate.

Even with  the AlphabeThursday that came to a natural close last week and is not directly related to the library;  I struggle for inspiration.  I am incline not to partake in this round until I feel better.

But this is silly!

I reflect on daily life since being confined to home for the last few weeks, alone and in pain for hours at a time. I have learned to break the day up with pleasant interludes; snack-ettes and tea breaks to coincide with the pain control. These rituals are not new, they are part of a recovery plan not this most recent, but probably as I came from the womb. Comforting actions to revive, motivate, strengthen in times of hardship, grief and down-heartedness. I have tried other remedies, some extreme, maverick, inappropriate, some perhaps more suitable I have continued and maintained.

Tea drinking has remained a favourite and stood me in good stead for the past few weeks.  

I have been drinking tea since I was a child (except when I was drinking some more harmful  fluids to get enhanced joys) then, milky and sweet; dropping the sugar and milk later.

It was much later when I began acupuncture during my menopause (15 years ago) and the practitioner recommended green tea and introduced me to to a supplier of fine Chinese tea and thus my relationship with tea developed and a means to celebrate my well being rather than regret my passing fertility.

So, in a bid to revitalise my blog posts I begin a new AlphabeThursday with the Art of Tea.  A is for Anne at Attic Tea, Acupuncture and the queen of Camellia.

Weekly Photo challenge … Victory

November 17, 2015

Not wanting to dwell  on the last few weeks. Just to celebrate my ‘phased’ return to work and some dry points done as I attempted to ‘work’ for an hour or two yesterday.


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