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March 30, 2015

I began my printmaking journey some years ago when I discovered the work of Peter Hay. I was struck by his intricate (and not so) designs made from prints engraved in erasers from W.H. Smiths with a craft knife; not just his illustrations but the stories they told. I attempted to ‘copy’ him,  but my works, paled into insignificance or better, perhaps told a different story?

I did continue making pictures, illustrated a couple of books (not published) and even designed a published book cover. I have progressed, and now use lino, wood and tried other printing methods with mixed results.  

But Peter with his illustrated message often dark and sometimes joyful, holds a torch for me, blinking and encouraging ….

So when the Two Rivers Press recently held a sale of his work I was in the queue. He was a gifted fine artist,so the display was varied, very wonderful and would grace any wall or gallery.  I have neither, my tiny home heaves and to find a space a shoe horn is required.

I was looking for something particular and small; I was not disappointed.

While they are not signed or even finished; I had them framed and delighted Thanks Peter!


Silent Sunday

March 29, 2015

2015-03-29 08.45.34

Saturday and the Peace Puzzle Project …

March 28, 2015

2015-03-26 06.59.29

About a month ago I received a wood block in the post from Maria Arango Diener. Before that I had donated 45  dollars to a charity that is hoping to raise funds to make a huge 1000 piece Peace Puzzle.

All the applicants  over the world have received their pieces and will engrave an image that represents the word ‘Peace’ So in time the pieces will be sent back and the puzzle complete and a print made and a book published.

I thought long and hard about my ‘picture’ because Peace is a big word with many meanings.  Not just a peaceful scene that we might see and feel in our gardens, parks and countryside; but the direct opposite to war, conflict and adversity!

There are many children in this world who rarely experience peace not even in their beds at night.  They and their families fight for peace with every living breath.

I live in a country where we have enjoyed peace for a long time; but our children, while safe need to be educated and be aware of the big picture.

In the 1990s my youngest child went on a demonstration in London to march against a war in Afghanistan.  It was a massive rally and she wore a ‘T’ shirt designed and made by a colleague in the Library, bearing a peace sign. Her DMs not black like a soldier might wear but bright blue and dotted with red flowers. She and thousands more marched that day singing songs of peace and hope. While they didn’t win that day; we did go to war; the experience instilled in her a mistrust of authority and the need to continue marching for active, long lasting peace that we take so much for granted.   

I hope my tiny investment in the project will go some way to raise awareness and promote the need for peace and peaceful action against adversity not with more weapons but pictures.


Friday’s Library Snapshot

March 27, 2015

Today is the last day of term, the students take a break and return for exams in the summer. The library will prepare for that over the next weeks. So our holiday has not yet begun; in Special Collections life goes on as usual.

Alphabe Thursday … S is for George Sand

March 26, 2015

406ce11baa183de0b40e234726abb4a4It would seem that walking in the city during the 19th century was an adventure.  It was an wilderness to be explored; so much so that one had to dress the part.  George Sand for instance, found that “ on the Paris pavement I was like a boat on ice. My delicate shoes cracked open in two days, my pattens sent me spilling, and I always forgot to lift my dress. I was muddy, tired and runny-nosed, and I watch my clothes … go to rack and ruin with alarming rapidity”. She put on men’s clothes, although it seemed a subversive social act; she saw it was a practical choice. Her new outfit gave her a freedom to move, which she enjoyed; “ I can’t convey how much my boots delight me … with those steel-tipped heels I was solid on the sidewalk at last.  I dashed back and forth across Paris and felt I was going around the world. My clothes were weatherproof too.  I was out and about in all weathers, came home at all hours, was in the pits of all theaters”.

For more reading Wanderlust by Rebecca Solnit.  

Wednesday’s print maker from Brazil

March 25, 2015

Anna Letycia Frames (1929) of whom I know nothing; except that she studied art in Rio de Janeiro and in 1950 she learned engraving at National School of Fine Arts and then with Oswaldo Goeldi in the School of Art of Brazil. Later, she attended the Modern Art Museum of Rio de Janeiro invited by Edith Behring, here she continued to teach printmaking until 1966. I understand she went on to teach engraving at the Museum of Inga in Niteroi until 1998.

Meanwhile she she maintained and developed a career in as a set and costume designer.

As usual my knowledge of the fine and busy artists falls short and I would value further information.  

Weekly photo challenge … Fresh

March 24, 2015

I love fresh! Even the sound of the word evokes newness and cleanliness; a fresh frock, clean sheets, newly laundered towels, a recently mown lawn but there is nothing better than a freshly brewed cup of tea.

2015-03-23 17.42.58


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