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Alphabe Thursday … S is for George Sand

March 26, 2015

406ce11baa183de0b40e234726abb4a4It would seem that walking in the city during the 19th century was an adventure.  It was an wilderness to be explored; so much so that one had to dress the part.  George Sand for instance, found that “ on the Paris pavement I was like a boat on ice. My delicate shoes cracked open in two days, my pattens sent me spilling, and I always forgot to lift my dress. I was muddy, tired and runny-nosed, and I watch my clothes … go to rack and ruin with alarming rapidity”. She put on men’s clothes, although it seemed a subversive social act; she saw it was a practical choice. Her new outfit gave her a freedom to move, which she enjoyed; “ I can’t convey how much my boots delight me … with those steel-tipped heels I was solid on the sidewalk at last.  I dashed back and forth across Paris and felt I was going around the world. My clothes were weatherproof too.  I was out and about in all weathers, came home at all hours, was in the pits of all theaters”.

For more reading Wanderlust by Rebecca Solnit.  

Wednesday’s print maker from Brazil

March 25, 2015

Anna Letycia Frames (1929) of whom I know nothing; except that she studied art in Rio de Janeiro and in 1950 she learned engraving at National School of Fine Arts and then with Oswaldo Goeldi in the School of Art of Brazil. Later, she attended the Modern Art Museum of Rio de Janeiro invited by Edith Behring, here she continued to teach printmaking until 1966. I understand she went on to teach engraving at the Museum of Inga in Niteroi until 1998.

Meanwhile she she maintained and developed a career in as a set and costume designer.

As usual my knowledge of the fine and busy artists falls short and I would value further information.  

Weekly photo challenge … Fresh

March 24, 2015

I love fresh! Even the sound of the word evokes newness and cleanliness; a fresh frock, clean sheets, newly laundered towels, a recently mown lawn but there is nothing better than a freshly brewed cup of tea.

2015-03-23 17.42.58

Last Week I …

March 23, 2015

Last week I found myself helping to set up an art exhibition at the Old Fire Station in Henley. I recently joined the Reading Guild of Artists; with a hope that one day I might show my work in one of their regular exhibitions in the town.

Thus  far, this has remained my best kept secret and precious dream.  Although, I work stealthily at home, at regular workshops and classes, I don’t feel ready yet to do the deadly deed.  Little did I know while I remain in the closet there are many others who use the facilities and support of the RGA fully. They rely on the council, officers and other members to put on the show!

So I somehow got happily volunteered to help do this.  

On Wednesday evening, the would be exhibits were delivered to the gallery where they were balloted in and out of the gallery. After the jury have secretly voted, so the works were prepared for the next days hanging.  

So Thursday was spent, between tea breaks ; up and down ladders ensuring each piece was strategically placed. Measures  were carefully taken so each piece worked kindly with its neighbours.  I did not realise the physical work and political endeavour involved with the making of a show.  Not to mention all the other wizardry involved being an artist such as colour theory, perspective etc. 

While each piece was a work of art;  the finished display was a masterpiece.  

To play a part in this, may not at first seem creative or even artistic, it was indeed hard work but a wonderful experience and I will do it again.  

Silent Sunday ….

March 22, 2015

2015-03-22 08.15.27


March 22, 2015


On Silent Sunday I reblog this cos it says what I need to say.

Originally posted on Becky:

I’m responsible for my choice of what I say, but not for what you understand e.g.

iSo, if I go left down the narrow track, then I have made the correct choice; also if I go right on the main road or the little path alongside someone else’s main road, then too I have made the correct choice; when I stand my ground on this very spot, this too is correct for me at the time; then again, if I go back it’s correct; or maybe into the wide blue yonder, letting grass grow under my feet, it’s still correct for me, because yes the heart pumps passion, and yes the head has knowledge and wisdom, and woohoo for the mind has dance to give to the body if it is willing and able, but choice has the ace up the sleeve with the [Compassion] card.  So, wherever I find myself…

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Saturday … Spring!

March 21, 2015

2015-03-08 07.20.54

Saturday; the first day of spring! This week has passed in a flurry of glorious stuff.  At work we completed a couple of tasks and began some new ones; no great ceremony in the grand scheme of things, but a milestone nonetheless.  My work experience colleague got a longed for post at the Bodleian Library at Oxford, a wonderful step in her career in librarianship!

For a day, I did some ‘voluntary’ work with the Reading Guild of Artists, putting up an exhibition; which I will tell you about more later.  Suffice to say it was for me a filip and small step for my career as an active artist; if not directly or creatively. It was a an insight into the organisation, politics, relationships and the administration thereof.  All done in a nice companionable, welcoming, comfortable and more important, professional way.

Today, I am off to a morning of hands on creativity; a small band of artists are sharing their relief printing skills at the Rising Sun Arts Centre, I am taking my letterpress but hoping to learn collagraph printing.  So, a nice way to finish a week and begin the weekend …. may we all have a good time?


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