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Weekly photo challenge … Time

February 9, 2016

2016-02-09 08.28.33I have unstable relationship with time; although that is improving.  It has been a difficult part of my depression; it is often used as a weapon for my self abuse.

“You will sit there until this or that is finished” was a well tuned exclamation of my mother when I had not done as I should. I continue this ingrained mantra long after she has died, on myself; just in case I forget not to be lazy!

This abusive act is not only mentally harmful it has become physically so; I now have a serious back problem. I can no longer sit or stand for more than a few minutes without pain.

At first I had to use timers to ensue I didn’t overstretch myself. I have a pinger that is not only ugly to look at has a rather bullying tone.  

Egg timers are attractive and gentle reminders that time is passing.  

Fortunately, observing  this obsessive and harmful misuse of time has relieved me of some anxiety, more important I have learned that time is my friend and loves to be enjoyed not endured.  

Yesterday …

February 8, 2016

12654539_1006882276025110_8952197463247749662_nYesterday was my birthday; I celebrated 66 years and still working more or less full time. I enjoy my job and have no desire to retire in the near future; mainly because my lifestyle requires a reasonable income.

Yet, my mother 30 years my senior gave up work at 60; her employment was menial and hard so she deserved some rest. My mother- in- law only 22 years older gave up sooner when she could not cope with the increased technology.  

For my mother,  I was sad she worked very hard to make ends met and smile at the other when I consider the daily new technology and not embracing it, is not an option now.

Although my job is not hard or stressful and the money nice to have, I would enjoy a rest; on the other hand I do celebrate the joy of technology and the joys of creativity and it’s, as yet forbidden fruit, a lot more … am I alone?

My dad in the picture with me, died over twenty years ago; as master craftsman was very practical and also was not so taken with the need for new technology. 

Silent Sunday

February 7, 2016


Its Saturday

February 6, 2016

RGA18printsalewebIt is Saturday and I have been distracted from blog-land for a while. I have been creating a book; I say a book more a booklet. It is an illustrated poem, with all the ingredients of a real book; with a cover, title page, narrative and images. It is taking shape, in it first draught although it is not ready to share yet it has been time consuming and very exciting.

However, today I take a break to exhibit some works in the Small Works Sale at Reading Museum today at 10.30.

Have a good day.

Weekly photo Challenge … Vibrant

February 2, 2016

vibrantThis week’s prompt is indeed opportune; manly because we do need some colour in the the UK. For the last few weeks the sky has remained grey and the sun has rarely broken through the rain laden clouds.  

Then, as a printmaker, in stark contrast I have been working with primary colours, perhaps as a result of the winter gloom I am reluctant to use such colours straight from the tube they are just so bright.

So in a revolt I got out cyan blue, magenta and process yellow with a little extender to give a little transparency and here is the result … these pots are vibrant.

Silent Sunday …

January 31, 2016


Friday from the Library …

January 29, 2016

Earlier this week I attended an art class, as we chatted, during a break, the name Victor Ambrus came up. I don’t remember why, as we were drawing Roman artifacts found at the archaeological site, at Silchester now showing in Reading Museum.  

I had a vague recollection of Victor Ambrus as an illustrator of children’s books and had some examples in the Children’s Collection at Special Collections.  Returning to work on Tuesday I did a quick search and was delighted at these examples of his work.

Although the subject matter is not Roman, the intricate patterns and fine paint strokes lend themselves to the delicate jewelry and trinkets found in the the old Roman town. Now almost 2 millennium ago, we forget,  when the colours  of the dyes and jewels would have not yet faded.


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