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Today I learned that being

July 28, 2014

…. without Wifi is not comfortable ; today allow myself not to care … and enjoy these flowers sent to me during my previous unease

with love.


While I am not sure  that the withoutness will continue; so  I will take copious notes  and many pictures,  and life in the world of Nela Bligh will resume soon or not.





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Silent Sunday

July 27, 2014



Today me and my golden shoes go ….

July 26, 2014

2014-07-25 17.51.37

Today is the day! I have dreamt about this day for months; at noon we fly to Brazil.We have packed all but the kitchen sink!! I will not be in contact with my virtual friends for the next day or so.  I am sure you will all manage without me!! Meanwhile me and my golden shoes will continue our journey I will update you soon. With my love and very best wishes Helenx

A quick snapshot …

July 25, 2014

Today is the last day before my annual summer holiday.  I am off to Brazil! I have spent this week in a bubble of high joy and the deep anxiety.  Although I have tried to be calm, organised and ready for a happy reunion with my daughter; I find myself in a place of uncertainty and sadness.   I am hoping that this apprehension will lift when the bags are packed and we are safely on the plane …. any fears about our inevitable separation at the end of the holiday will fade. 

So I leave the library with this image taken from a book by Kathleen Hale Orlando the marmalade cat a seaside holiday and smile!!

Orlanda at the seaside

O livro do mês

July 25, 2014


Tomorrow I go Brazil … To visit my daughter and her partner after a long and stressful 6 months. This intercontinental commuting is commonplace ; parents and their children do live far a part. We try and adjust to the comings and goings and for the most part we probably succeed and for that I am grateful. Nonetheless I agree with Maysa ; so we must honour the time we do spend together no matter how short and glorify the distance no matter how far xxxx

Originally posted on Elieser E. Borba:


O livro do mês de junho de 2014 é a obra de Lira Neto intitulada “Maysa: Só numa multidão de amores”. O livro de 390 páginas é denso no que diz respeito à história da artista que foi muito controversa em vida. O mesmo segue um caminho que vai de sua infância até os fins de seus dias, não deixando escapar absolutamente nada do que foi parte constante da trajetória da cantora: Seus diários de infância (que foram prática comum na adolescência e maturidade), seus porres emblemáticos e os seus amores e desamores, ou ao menos os mais conhecidos do público e que eram veiculados por uma mídia que já era tendenciosa à ponto de criar muitas situações vexatórias para denegrir a imagem da artista.

Adeus, palavra tão corriqueira

Que se diz a semana inteira

A alguém que se conhece.

Adeus, logo mais eu telefono

Eu agora estou com sono


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Alphabe Thursday …. J is for Jack and Jill

July 24, 2014

jack and jill

This nursery rhyme is considered by some as fairy tale because it has a romantic air.  From the beginning of the 19th century it formed one of the chapbook series; the story was extended to fifteen verses.  The second verse is probably a legacy of this extension and not so old as the first verse which alone and appears in 18th century documents. The rhyming of water (wahter) with after (ahter) suggests that it dates from early 17th century.  

At first glance the rhyme seems to be nonsense but there is a theory that the verse refers  to the Eddaic Hjuki and Bil.  Hjuki in Norse would be pronounced Juki to become Jack ; and Bil, for the sake of euphony, and in order to give a female name would become Jill.  The children were used in a Scandinavian myth to explain the markings on the moon. When the moon is full so the children can be seen with the bucket on a pole between them.  

alphabet thursday

Wednesday’s woman wood engraver …

July 23, 2014


Dipping into English wood-engraving, 1900-1950 by Thomas Balston I came across some nice images by Gwenda Morgan (1908-1991).Who was a wood engraver born in Petworth, Sussex an area frequently depicted in her work. She attended Goldsmiths’ College of Art until 1929, after that at the Grosvenor School of Modern Art under Iain Macnab learning to wood engrave. After this she was introduced to Christopher Sandford at the Golden Cockerel Press where she illustrated books. She exhibited at the Royal Academy, the Redfern Gallery and for the Royal Society of Painters and Printmakers as a member. She was best know for a books and illustrations, especially Gray’s Elegy (1946)  and Grimm’s  Other Tales (1956) ( a new selection by Wilhelm Hansen ; translated & edited by Ruth Michaelis-Jena and Arthur Ratcliff : illustrated with ten wood-engravings by Gwenda Morgan.   

I managed to find a nice copy of  Grimms’ other tales. It would seem that among the treasures sent out of Berlin for safety during the Second War War were the notebooks of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. Some of the manuscripts were many fairy tales collected by the brothers.  For various reasons many of these tales are not available for the general reader.  Fifty of them are presented in the replica of the famous Golden Cockerel edition.  All the tales compiled were either not used by the Grimms in the editions of their, or were ejected after the first edition.  The reasons for the shabby treatment seem to be twofold, and on the surface contradictory : some were left out because Wilhelm judge their story interest insufficient to hold attention, or the incidents to fragmentary, but others because they were too exciting; sometimes horrifying, for young readers.  while others.  Jacob the purist scholar, thought too ‘improved’ and embellished and therefore lacked  authenticity.  



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