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Saturday …

November 1, 2014

2014-09-24 10.42.56

Since not working a five day week I have grown accustomed to an outing at the weekend! So in the absence of a planned workshop, me and the other half have a plan B.  Sadly, it is raining and that was not a factor considered yesterday.  Nonetheless, never say die until the ‘fat lady sings’ and be sure of the old adage ‘rain before seven will clear by eleven’.  So I have great hopes for this morning! A week or two back I went to Little Venice in London and had a little reconnoiter; it was raining then so I didn’t hang around long.  Also, I did have other pressing arrangement s to attend to. This morning we will return and this time we will take a London water bus along the Grand Union Canal to Camden Lock for a stroll and lunch.

However, there is another reason for concern. I have been watching Peaky Blinders on the television for the past few weeks.  There are, I hear,  among those ‘barge types’  rogues, vagabonds and bandits who will rape and pillage of the price of a pint, so if I do not return by tomorrow …

If you haven’t been watching Peaky Blinders then catch it on iplayer. 

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Friday’s library snapshot

October 31, 2014

This book was borrowed from the library to be used in a recent publication about Max Weber; it was on my desk to be re-shelved; I just love the cover design.

Max Weber, American of Russian decent. He began learning art at at the Pratt Institute of Brooklyn, New York and became a teacher.  After many years he was able to afford to go to Paris to study where he was pupil of Matisse.  Although he aspired to El Greco, Henri Rousseau and Picasso, he preferred the art of primitive peoples and the sculpture  of Egypt and Assyria.  This little book of poems shows his interest in poetry later in his career and is his first published collection.

Cubist poems by Max Weber.

Alphabe Thursday X is for 10

October 30, 2014


Ha Ha! Saved again by my dear old nursery rhyme book.

I read Latin and after working in a library I have no difficulty remembering Roman numerals although at first I could have used a mantra to fix them in my mind.

I am not sure that this rhyme would have helped much.

X shall stand for playmates Ten:

V for Five stout stalwart men:

I for One, as I am alive:

C is for Hundred, and D for Five:

M for a Thousand soldiers true,

And L is for Fifty, I’ll tell you.

alphabet thursday


Wednesday’s Wood engraver

October 29, 2014

Annabel Kidston (1896-1981) is probably best known in her home town St Andrews on the coast of Fife.  In 1940s Annabel was part of the so called St Andrews School ; along with Jozef Sekalski, Roberta Hodges, James Scott and the Mckenzie sisters.  They formed a group under the auspices of the Scottish Arts Council, to promote Scottish and International art through exhibitions and lectures.

Between 1941-1946 Annabel became an instructor in drawing and engraving for the Committee of Education for the Forces.  Together with her friends and artists Alison and Winifred Mckenzie, she held weekly evening classes for the Polish soldiers who were stationed in St Andrews while the Polish Government was in exile.

The woodcuts that resulted from their work were exhibited in art galleries in St Andrews and Edinburgh.  Some of these works now form a part of the  St Andrews Preservation Trust Museum collection.

After the war Annabel went on to teach and exhibit her works.  As a member of the Society of Print Makers she produced illustrations for Jonathan Cape, Glasgow Bulletin, Saltire Society and Chambers Encyclopedia.  Her prints can be found in Manchester and Glasgow galleries as well as the Ashmolean in Oxford.

I have only found a few examples of Annabel’s work but will search out more while in Oxford in a week or two


Weekly Photo Challenge … Book Cover

October 28, 2014

O Morador de Ipanema e outros contos cariocas

I am delighted to say that this weeks challenge is not only an example of my recent book cover design but also an opportunity to promote my son-in-law’s recent book of short stories about real life in Rio de Janeiro.

My work is a mixed media ; collage and lino cut. While I will not give up my day job; exploring book jackets, covers and bindings are things I enjoy ;  as  library assistant, as a print maker and would be illustrator.


Thank you for a chance to share this little recent adventure.

Addendum …

October 27, 2014

This morning I was a little disappointed that I had attended a workshop to learn about Woodcut in particular for me and wood engraving.  I had bemoaned the fact that I had gone great lengths to get to Farnham Maltings and made some detailed preparations and then not finished an image to share or take home. It was a very busy workshop and I learned a lot and was able to complete my work at home this morning.  

So I am pleased to show the results as a further post! I have a lot to learn but my first attempt at a Woodcut (the saucepan 15×11) is OK and please note the jug and lemon is only 5×4 cms 


At the weekend …

October 27, 2014

At the weekend I went to a woodcut and wood engraving work shop at the Farnham Maltings; where I learned the similarities and differences between printmaking using woodcut and wood engraving .  I had look forward to it since I had returned from Brazil where  I learned a little about wood cutting and was given a few pieces of wood to try. Unfortunately I have since learned that the wood given so kindly ;  although very lovely is not suitable for a beginner. I have been attending various classes and workshops over the last few months but still find the experience very difficult so I go to great lengths to prepare myself.  I am able to engrave wood now albeit a little juvenile I am eager to learn the ‘other’ method.

This time I had to include a rather complicated train journey to Farnham. I did find my way; and the preparatory exercises given by Susan Yeates were put to good use.  There was much to learn and I was not able to finish a piece to bring home. While I did learn a lot I have spent the last couple of days finishing my little works of art. Nonetheless, it was a good experience and I am looking forward to buying some more suitable wood and tools to continue wood cutting along side wood engraving.


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